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We all know how important is blogging to your business and the reasons why it can enhance your brand. Blogging can help your business in many ways, from establishing leadership, building trust and increasing credibility. It can build relationships and engage with prospect clients, existing audience but most importantly helping your business stand out from the crowd.

One of the main reasons why blogging is important is because it can boost your SEO results. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO), involves a series of activities that can optimize the content in order to improve organic or ‘free’ traffic to your website. The better you optimize your blog posts for SEO, the higher your webpages will be listed on search engine result pages, so more people can find your website and get to know your business and services. It is a fact that companies who blog on a regular basis gain at least twice as much web traffic as those who don’t blog and they can be found at a higher rank on search engine pages.

Blogging is important for good SEO results. Creating a systematic approach is what you need, starting with a content calendar. Make a plan, start by answering those questions your potential customers may have.

Best practices to optimize Blogs for good SEO results

Over the years we have witnessed that the first thing search engines care about is delivering high quality, useful and relevant information to their users. In order to do that we need to take into consideration a few things about the blog:

  1. Quality – is the blog post providing a quality content for your readers?
  2. Usefulness – is the blog post helpful, easy to read and in depth for the reader?
  3. Relevance – is the blog post solving a specific problem, or does it provide relevant information to the reader?

Some of the best practices to Optimize your Blog for SEO are featured below:

1.Posting Fresh / Unique Content on your Website:

One of the most important things about websites is that they need to be frequently updated. This shows that the content on the websites are fresh, relevant and not outdated. Search Engines don’t want to list irrelevant and outdated information for their users. Having said that unfortunately there aren’t many other ways to update areas on your website. Your company’s history, the about as, the contact us will never change. Any products and price pages will rarely change if ever as well as the home page. Creating a blog gives you the opportunity to continuously publish new posts on the website. The more fresh content you post, the more pages you will have for search engine to index which means that more opportunities to take the number 1 spot on search engine result pages.

2. Use Keywords Strategically:

Every time you release a new blog you have the opportunity to use SEO keywords in your content. By performing keyword search, finding keywords and phrases that your clients are looking for your company and most likely use, then using these keywords strategically in your blog posts you can improve your search engine optimization results.

Tip: To better improve your outcomes, use long-tail keywords that your target audience will likely use during their research as part of the buyer’s journey.

3. Use Images:

Images play an important role in your blog posts as they make them more engaging and offers an extra way for search engines to find you.

Tip: To benefit from using images on your blog, make sure to name them and according to the keywords you are using!

4. Videos:

Videos provide a more dynamic content that you can share with your readers. Videos that serve a purpose, have a unique content, is what attracts readers, is what they are looking for.

Tip: Make sure the videos are tagged with the appropriate search terms before you post. Let the readers know what is going on in the video so they can find your content in a search.

5. Improving Social Media Search Results:

One of the amazing things about Google is that it returns social media search results for social media posts. By linking your blog to your social media accounts it can offer another opportunity to be found by search engines when your audience is seeking our your company.

6. Popularity:

When the blogs are shared and clicked on it helps them move up in the search rankings. If the blogs have a quality content, then readers will want to share so that other readers to know.

Tip: Create unique content for the blogs, provide answers for visitors and then share the blogs wherever you can.

7. Back-linking:

Blogging offers you the chance to include links to other relevant websites. As a return, these organizations may link back to your site, which will help you generate even more web traffic that you couldn’t generate on your own.

Tip: it is important to build relationships with reputable and high quality websites that fit the niche market when back-linking.


Blogging is GREAT for Direct and Indirect SEO…

You are wondering how right??

Well …. Anything that search engines can see and use in their algorithms to rank your site on search engine results pages. This is the blog’s content as well as any keywords that you’re using.

For indirect SEO

….Anything that influences your visitors to behave in ways that tell search engines that your side is a good resource. This might include for example:

  • Encouraging inbound links…when people think that a website has quality content, they’re much more likely to include links to that website in their own content as a reference. Another way is to put inbound links to your own site in your blog posts, which helps search engines understand what your site is all about.
  • Inspiring longer visits… If people click on your site from the search engine results pages but go back immediately this, increases the bouncing rate which tells search engines that the content on your site is either irrelevant or not good. Your goals is to bring audience in with quality content that they will want to read, you can influence them to stay longer than a minute or two which tells search engines that your site is a good place to send people looking for that type of information.

Plan blogs that will touch on their pain points and you will see results sooner than ever. And remember unique Blog Posts results in good SEO!


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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.
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We are here to help you grow your business with the latest Marketing trends.
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

Copyright by Coeur De Leon. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Coeur De Leon. All rights reserved.